Sunday, January 28, 2018

Love Month!

WOW!! 2018 is here, and it is almost Valentine's Day. The holidays are such a busy time and I feel like January is always a little period of time to relax and recover from all the stress from the Christmas season. My family and I took a little trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico and it was just perfect! It allowed me to take a break, breath and enjoy the quiet of those days in the mountain. We had such an amazing time!

After our little road trip, I felt very recharged and ready to take on 2018 with the best possible vibe. January has already been a great month for my little family and every day is a reminder of how blessed we are to have the beautiful life we have. With that being said, I am ready to welcome February with a grateful heart, fulfilled with love. Valentine's day gives us an opportunity to celebrate love. Yes, love should be the focus of our life 24/365, but February is the month were we take our celebration of love to the next level, with tons hot pink and red balloons everywhere! Chocolates, cookies, and delicious treats. With stuffed animals and flowers, and everything that symbolizes the romanticism in our lives. I am blessed to be married to a man who loves me and tries to show it as often as he can, but I am also grateful for my son's love, for my little pugs' kisses, and I love to feel surrounded by Valentine's vibes everywhere, especially in my house.


When it comes to making life a party, I believe in decorating everything!! Let's make every detail of our days a party. Ribbons, balloons, garlands, tassels!!! 

I love to make every celebration as festive as possible. Who ever said that only cakes and cupcakes can have toppers. Look at how adorable these cupcake cups filled with cookies look with a cute topper made with a straw I cut in half and a heart cutout that I made with my Cricut  machine.

I think they look absolutely adorable all dressed up. 

How amazing is it to make something so simple look so pretty! 

I just love these little milk bottles, perfect to pair with the cookies. I used the same straws that I bought at 99 Cents Only store and glued a little chocolate also found at the same store.

A simple chocolate added color and simple embellishment. So cute!!

I also found these little boxes at the 99 Cents Only Store and I just couldn't resist buying them. They have such adorable decorations. I use my Cricut machine to cut out these beautiful Valentine's Day tags. The images were free this week :)

Adding a simple decoration could make anything look lovely, sometimes, it looks so pretty, you don't even want to eat it!


In reality, it is not hard at all! Adding details to your food, drinks, and treats for your celebration could be effortless and make a huge difference on your set ups for any gatherings.

Just like these little cups with chocolate I made. Simple, uncomplicated, but so, so pretty! 

Oh! how I love making little things look beautiful!!

I fell in love with this mini foil balloon garland I made. I used these self-inflatable mini balloons I got from Hobby Lobby

I hot glued them to a ribbon. Look how festive and pretty it looks!!

"I am in love" with how it looks! You can make the exact same garland for only $3.59!

Love is in the air ;)

 Have I also mentioned how much I LOVE Hobby Lobby?! They have the most beautiful decorations for every single holiday and for home decor. 

Looking for unique, beautiful decor? Hobby Lobby, super definitely!!

I hope everyone has a February filled with love and romance with the company of those who make your life filled with hearts. XOXO

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Rustic Mini Christmas Tree

Oh happy Christmas days!! as soon as Thanksgiving is over, the joy of Christmas flows everywhere. My house has been completely transformed for the season. I have so many projects I want to work on and I hope I get a chance to share them with you. I always see beautiful Mini Christmas trees at the stores and I want to buy them all. I see inspiration everywhere and this time I decided to create my own. And guess how much I spend on this gorgeous rustic tree? not more than $1.00, since I already had glue sticks and some of the other materials at home. Yes, that is all I spent on this beautiful project.

I used a cardboard box that I got from my job and cut a piece big enough to make a cone.

To facilitate the process, I removed one of the layers. This made the folding or wrapping a lot easier.

I shaped the cardboard in the form of a cone and secured it with duct tape, then I used hot glue to make sure it was perfectly glued.

I bought these raffia from the Dollar Tree. One little pack of three was just enough to cover this tree that measured about 20 inches long. It looks small in pictures but it was a good size.

With the help of hot glue I layered the raffia as flat as i could and began the wrapping process. I added a little bit of ribbon thinking it would be needed, but it really wasn't. At first, the raffia might seem intimidating because you will probably feel that it goes everywhere, but if you hold it together, you will realize that it is actually very friendly to work with.

Sorry about my hands, those are the hands of a crafty mom :(

Continue wrapping the cone with the raffia all around it. 

Don't loose patience! it will look beautiful, I promise. 

After you finish the whole tree, you might notice a couple of empty spots or some thin raffia strings in some areas, just wrap a little more raffia and cut the strings.

Done!! I love the way it already looks. This is perfect if you want to just leave it like this and maybe add a little ornament or star on top to embellish it. 

I wanted to add a little bling, because of course, Christmas! So I used some of these little rhinestones that I already had to put around the tree and these pretty poinsettia that I have left from my previous project. 

And there it is! It turned out so incredibly beautiful and for almost nothing! just a little patience :)

I know the tone of the raffia rolls were a little different but I think that is still ok. I really like the way it turned out. It loos so beautiful with the rest of my Christmas decorations.

And this is why everyone loves Christmas, all the glitter, the gold, and all the beautiful decor. Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Christmas Wall Decor

During Christmas time, I love going to craft stores and just look around all the gorgeous Christmas decoration. I get so inspired to create my own projects, especially because the are honestly just too expensive! Wall art always catches my attention, and for my next project I had in mind a couple of frames for my mantel. I made this gorgeous LOVE and JOY rose gold signs.

I used my Cricut machine to cut the words JOY and LOVE on these rose gold glitter fabric sheets that I found at Hobby Lobby and they were $1.67 a piece. I bought one for each frame so that I could make the letters as big as possible

Also at Hobby Lobby I found the white fabric to cover the frames. This type of white 
velvet was $6.99 per yard. I bought whole yard but ended up using only half a yard for both frames.

I wasn't really able to find that many rose gold decorations that I could use to embellish the frames. The little decorations I found were kind of pricey and that was going to defeat my purpose of creating my own projects. So I headed over to my local dollar store and I found these silver glitter poinsettia ornaments and decided to paint them myself. I used the DecoArt Acrylic paint in color "Rose Gold." I really have to say that this was probably my favorite part of the project. Maybe because I was hesitant about painting over glitter with acrylic, but I was not disappointed at all!! They turned out great and I loved the color. The glitter irradiated beautifully even over the paint. I was very happy with the results.
I also added a few pink pearls in the center of the poinsettia to make it even prettier.

I really was very happy with the way they turned out, and they look even better on the frame :)

The frames I used for this project were 11X14. I was able to find these frames at my local Dollar Store too. These were the biggest size I found for $1.

I used the back of a gift wrapping paper that I already had add some type of liner so that the letters wouldn't be visible under the fabric.


It worked out perfectly. I just covered the frame with the white fabric and a little help from my glue gun.


The fabric sheets are super easy to work with. I used hot glue to adhere it to the fabric and this was probably the best option. I decided to keep the center of the letter "O" so that i could place the poinsettia on top of it.

And lastly, I added a little bit of ribbon to the back of the frame to hang.

I really enjoyed working on this project and I know that if I saw these frames at Michael's or any store, I would be completely in love with them! That's how I know I was successful with my DIY.

I hope you enjoyed my post and that you find inspiration or motivation for your own creations. 

Love Month!

WOW!! 2018 is here, and it is almost Valentine's Day. The holidays are such a busy time and I feel like January is always a little peri...